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About GEST

The world’s most advanced service call system 

GEST by YachtCloud is a next-level service call system meticulously designed for the world's most luxurious environments. Inside its sleek exterior, GEST is a high-tech innovation offering efficient service in a timeless, customisable package for superyachts, private residences, and luxury hospitality settings.

Why choose GEST?

Elevate every experience

Engineered to surpass traditional service call systems, GEST offers unparalleled efficiency and functionality. Effortlessly integrating into any luxury environment, GEST offers multiple functions in a sleek, customisable design. Elevate your service standards and enjoy a wide range of advantages, from enhanced privacy and efficient crew communication to tailored service experiences. 

Professional support, efficient workflow
GEST is designed to support and enhance the workflow of luxury service professionals
Excellent tech, beautiful design
Tailored to suit, GEST is a high-tech innovation in product design 
Customised to suit, crafted to perfection
Explore the collection and create a service call system that is made to measure

Crafted to blend into the finest of interiors

Solid black

Crafted with exclusive materials to suit every purpose.


Encased in high-quality leather.

Price:On request

Totally customised to suit your bespoke requirements.

Choosing GEST has been absolutely the right decision in terms of quality, setup, and perfect design matching the superyacht standards.

Captain 66m M/Y OKTO


Elevate your yachting experience with GEST by YachtCloud. Engineered to withstand the rigours of the sea, our devices deliver unparalleled service on board. From intuitive functionality to exquisite design, GEST ensures luxury service is always at your fingertips.


Private Residence

Transform your private residence with GEST by YachtCloud. Designed to complement luxury interiors, our devices perfectly integrate into any home environment. Experience personalised service like never before, with GEST enhancing every aspect of luxury living.

Private Residence

Luxury Hospitality

Elevate your hospitality experience with GEST by YachtCloud. From boutique hotels to luxury resorts, our devices redefine service standards in the hospitality industry. With intuitive functionality and elegant design, GEST ensures every guest receives world-class service tailored to their needs.

GEST is a YachtCloud product

Exploring new depths of luxury

Designed by the talented team of designers, technologists, and engineers at YachtCloud, the GEST Service Call System is the result of over 12,000 hours of engineering, testing, and fine-tuning. Responsibly produced in the Netherlands, impressive craftsmanship combines with innovative technology for the very best luxury service call system on the market.