GEST is created for private residences

Streamline every experience at home

Luxury service call system for your home

An immersive luxury experience

GEST ushers in a new standard of bespoke service call systems tailored exclusively for the world’s most prestigious private residences. Seamlessly integrating intuitive technology with sophisticated design, GEST offers an immersive luxury experience that transcends ordinary home living.


Crafted excellence for the refined home 

Solid black

Crafted with exclusive materials to suit every purpose.


Encased in high-quality leather.

Price:On request

Totally customised to suit your bespoke requirements.


Outstanding service wherever you are

Experience unparalleled service with GEST. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into any home environment, GEST ensures flawless communication and operation, empowering residents and staff to deliver and receive exceptional service effortlessly.


Tailored solutions for private residences

GEST leads the way in luxury technology solutions tailored specifically for prestigious private residences and luxury properties worldwide. Personalised to perfection, the GEST system enhances every facet of modern living, from enriching leisure and entertainment experiences to optimising staff management and fortifying safety and security measures - all at your fingertips.

Meet YachtCloud

Exploring new depths of luxury technology

At YachtCloud, we are committed to redefining luxury living experiences for private residences and luxury properties. From the inception of the GEST Service Call System to the development of our cutting-edge GEST Connect App, every YachtCloud product is meticulously crafted with precision in the Netherlands, ensuring that our clients can always enjoy the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and convenience.

At YachtCloud, We see and believe. We create, refine and promise. From sea to shore, we are pushing the limits of intuitive technologies and true luxury experiences.